HubSpot's "The State of Video Marketing in 2019" stated that 81% of businesses used video for their marketing efforts in 2018.

are you one of those businesses…


Storybeat Studio wants to help you use video to your advantage in 2019. we are testing a new product offering startups and growing businesses access to quality, professional video.


 storybeat sessions:

your why story


so… why do you need a WHY story?

79% of business leaders surveyed by the global accounting firm PwC believe that an organization’s purpose is central to business success, yet, only 34% agree that purpose is a guidepost for leadership decision-making. To boil that down: leaders aren’t always connecting their beliefs with their actions. What’s the reason for the disconnect? One key area we’ve identified is that leaders don’t know how to state their purpose in actionable words.

At Storybeat Studio, we are are experts at helping people describe and share the true purpose behind the work they are doing. We’ve done this work for Oprah Winfrey for many years. When you work with us, we’ll take you through our proven process for putting your purpose into words. Then, we’ll help you put that information into a meaningful piece of video you can use on any platform to attract the right customers, investors and employees.


:60 video
One flat price - $995*

*Introductory pricing for a select number of early stage clients.

The value is estimated to be at least $2k.

Storybeat Sessions = up to one-hour on-camera studio shoot, including professional scripting, producing, editing and design services to create up to 60 seconds of video content for use on any platform, for a flat fee of $995*. If this doesn’t sound like an incredible value you to you yet, please continue discovering what’s included in the Storybeat Sessions package

*Introductory pricing.

All-inclusive Studio Shoot

You’ll work with us on location with professional lighting,
audio, and a dedicated producer.

We are anticipating this is a $2,500+ offering. We are offering introductory pricing of $995 (that’s more than 50% off) to a select group of clients. In exchange, we are seeking:

  • Feedback

  • Samples and case studies to showcase on our site, when possible.

what’s included

  • Professional scripting and ideation. You’ll have the opportunity to fill out our Story Questionnaire and then you will work directly with a Storybeat Studio producer. We’ll ask all the right questions so we can craft a clear and impactful script for you.

  • We’ll schedule your professional video shoot with lighting, audio and backdrop.

  • Your professionally produced script will appear on a screen (called a teleprompter), so you won’t have to remember a thing unless you want to!

  • You’ll have complete support, guidance and encouragement from our team on site. Whether you’re an introvert, extrovert or somewhere in-between, we’ll have your back.

  • Up to 60 seconds of video footage for use on any platform. You want your video for LinkedIn? We can do that. Instagram, Facebook or another platform…no problem. We will help you strategize which platform best suits your business.

  • Up to three professional graphics within the 60-seconds.

Optional Add-ons:

Hair & Makeup
B-roll shooting
Still photography
Additional editing for more complex stories

Please inquire if interested.
We can create a custom package for you.


Why storybeat studio?

Our Award-winning producers will work with you one-on-one to craft authentic video content. It is our job to help you be your best, authentic self on camera. We will guide you through the process from beginning to end, and we will make sure you’re thrilled with the final product.

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