A look back at the lives of two beloved authors, E.B. White and Ezra Jack Keats, through two beautiful books.

by Andrea Davis Pinkney (author)
Lou Fancher & Steve Johnson (illustrators)
Age Range: 7-10 years
Hardcover: 60 pages

We live in a time when there are still far too few faces of color represented in literature for children. The treasured children's book  The Snowy Day, featuring an African American boy named Peter playing in the snow, was written in 1962 and in those days it was rare to find a book celebrating a person of color. 

In A Poem for Peter, author Andrea Davis Pinkney writes a moving tribute to the author who brought Peter to life: Ezra Jack Keats. As a girl, Pinkney read Keats's story about spritely Peter frolicking in the snow, and it captivated her. She writes of Keats's modest upbringing; how, born Jewish in the poorest part of Brooklyn, and, faced with "the dark heel of discrimination," he found an unlikely path as an artist. He saved a photo of an African-American boy from the pages of Life Magazine and held onto it for twenty years before he used it as the basis of his character, Peter. Pickney honors Keats for having the vision and imagination to create Peter and see him for who he really was: a boy just like any other. As Pinkney writes, "Ezra Jack Keats gave all of us a place. A face. A voice." 


Snow doesn't know who's needy or dirty
or greedy or nice
Snow doesn't choose where to fall
Snow doesn't pick a wealthy man's doorstep
over a poor lady's stoop
That's Snow's magic

by Melissa Sweet (author and illustrator)
Age Range: 7 - 10 years
Hardcover: 176 pages

To read Some Writer: The Story of E.B. White is to discover a treasure. The pages of this book are an experience much like coming up an old family album of beloved children's author E.B. White.  Author-Illustrator Melissa Sweet uses a collage of original illustrations and family photos to tells the story of Charlotte's Web author E.B. White's life. We all know White as the author of Charlotte's Web and many other great books, including The Trumpet and the SwanStuart Little, and the college English standby Strunk and White. But this book opens the reader up to E.B. White's world in the most magical way. Gorgeous, whimsical illustrations tell the story of a small young man who grew to become one of the most adored writers in modern history.