We bring the human voice to your organization's story.

We are A cinematic production company in Chicago
founded and Operated by Emmy award-winning Producers.

We bring the human voice to your organization’s story.

We offer cost-effective and compelling video stories for visionary founders.


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Pillowy marshmallows at Katherine Anne Confections, famous for their local-focused sweets made in Chicago.

origin story: katherine anne confections

Check out our new delicious short film about Katherine Anne Confections, a Chicago-based chocolatier famous for hand-dipped truffles, soft honey caramels, and pillowy marshmallows.


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We help your work come to LIFE with video and multimedia content.


Things People Carry is a multimedia production celebrating the things we carry along with us from childhood -- the stuffed animals, bears, dolls, toys, and mementoes we treasure long into adulthood. These objects are often hidden in trunks, boxes, or closets, but they're seldom forgotten.


who we are

We are Emmy® Award-winning producers who have worked for CBS News and Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Studios, telling the stories of celebrities, thought-leaders, authors, regular folks and friends for more than twenty years. At Harpo Studios, we were producers and creators of Oprah's Super Soul Sunday. We have interviewed and produced content with hundreds of fascinating people including President Barack Obama, Dr. Maya Angelou, Professor Elie Wiesel, film and television producer Brian Grazer, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, author Brené Brown, and mindfulness pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn. 



what we do

At Storybeat Studio we harness more than twenty years of broadcast storytelling experience to help people and companies share their stories with the world. Whether you want to create your "Who We Are" video; produce and sponsor a short film; freshen your online image; or craft a video campaign for your business; our experienced producers will help bring your story to life. We offer a suite of professional services to take your story from the idea stage to a professional final product.


has a story
to tell.

It's my job to help them tell it well."

-Lisa Weiss, Founder 



Meet the 10 startups in WiSTEM's Spring 2019 cohort

WiSTEM is giving the Chicago tech community one more thing to celebrate during women's history month. The 1871-based incubator has announced its 2019 spring cohort, its ninth overall. The cohort consists of 10 tech companies or tech-enabled companies, all of which are either founded by women or have at least one woman co-founder.

I'm an Award-Winning TV Producer. Here's Why I'm Concerned About Our Addiction to Screens in America.

I've worked as a television producer for two decades. I've created content that's been streamed and screened by millions of people. Yet, I've become increasingly concerned about the amount of time U.S. children and adults are spending looking at screens. According to the media research firm Nielsen, adults in the U.S.


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The universe is made of stories,
not of atoms.

-Muriel Rukeyser from her 1968 poem “The Speed of Darkness”